10.2 miles on the faux track, fuel and hydration

Phoooooeeeyyyy, I’m tired.

Today, I ran 10.2 miles. Even though I was planning a long run, I decided to run at the fitness track near my home- a 0.3 mile oval. Since it was warm, I wore a tank top and shorts, with a liberal application of Udderly Smooth udder cream (my fav brand by far!!) between my legs.

Since I was at a park, it was much easier for me to deal with hydration- I could leave several bottles on a picnic table, so I didn’t have to worry about carrying it with me. I brought two bottles of water (16.9 oz each, I think?). In a third bottle (also 16.9 oz), I used a funnel to add about six “scoops” of powdered gatorade (I think that comes out to about 9 tablespoons, but I’m not positive), filled the rest of the bottle with water, closed the bottle, and shook it up.

I forgot to wear sunscreen today, which was dumb. My shoulders, chest, and nose are a little bit pink from today’s run. I need to get into the habit of wearing sunscreen.

Oddly, running in circles on this track really worked today. I’m not sure if it was the track, the fuel, or the hydration, but I suspect it was some combination of all three. Being on a track was really good mentally- I really focused on each lap, and while I still wouldn’t say it was “easy”, it was much easier to push myself. Plus of course there were no cars, hills, etc.

The fuel was perfect. My bottle of concentrated gatorade was, in my opinion, perfect. By concentrating it (more powder, less water), I had more calories and electrolytes in the water. The taste was fine- kinda strong, maybe, but if you followed it with a swig of water, it was no problem. If anything, though, I maybe should have had MORE gatorade- maybe a second identical bottle?

The hydration went really well for the first 7 or 8 miles. My only “problem” is that I discovered I drink like a camel! When I am hydrated (as I was in those first miles), I was absolutely rocking it! I mean- I felt strong! But then I ran out of water, and when I was out of water… yea, it didn’t go so well.

So, lesson learned: I have got to figure out a way to bring water with me. Lots of water. Fuel too, yes, but lots and lots of water. Of course, that creates its own problems- but at least I know how to attack the problem now!