good runs, hard runs, preparing to taper

I don’t get it. Seems like I’m yo-yo’ing between really incredibly great runs and not-good nonstop-struggle runs. Boo.

I haven’t been keeping up with my training plan as well as I’d like in the past couple of weeks, but I HAVE been close, for which I am thankful. I’m coming out at only two or three miles less per week than I’d planned, and my mileage is high enough (20+ miles) that this isn’t making a huge difference.

Tonight I managed a few miles on the faux track. It irritates me how my pace on a so-so track workout is still noticeably faster than a really good workout on roads.

On Friday, I will be doing my last long run before starting my taper. I’m certainly quite nervous about that. I mean, this is my last chance to nail it before the race. Plus this will be my last run before entering “taper insanity”- you know, that time when NOT running combines with pre-race nerves to make you crazy!!