eagle egg run, nap, easy miles

This morning, my mom and I got up early (for a Saturday, at least!) to go to her school (she teaches 2nd grade there) and cheer during her school’s annual 5k, the Eagle Egg Run.

I had actually considered running this race, but ultimately I decided against it. I had several reasons, but namely I was just a little too self conscious about this particular race. See, I am very much a solitary runner. I don’t run very fast, and particularly when I’m struggling, I really don’t want to see people I know. It’s a pride thing- I don’t want to be seen as weak. Yea, it’s dumb. Anyway, I’ve done a lot of volunteer work at this school, so a lot of people know me.

Dumb me. The race has grown quite a bit, and I would’ve been just fine. I haven’t worked at the school as much in recent years, so I don’t know many people anymore. There’s a huge number of people who walked the race, and besides, if it lands on the day after a 12 mile run (like today!), the only people I care about would still be totally impressed by just walking a 5k after that.

Anyway. This morning, I definitely felt the aftermath of yesterday’s 12 miles in my legs. It didn’t help that I was a bit tired from not getting enough sleep last night. When we got home from the race, I was originally planning to run a few miles, but I was soooo sleepy! In my mind, I really really wanted to squeeze in a few extra miles, but my legs still felt a bit weak and I just didn’t think I could be strong tomorrow unless I took a nap… so I did!

Luckily, later in the afternoon (right before dinner), my dad and I went to the faux track and I was able to squeeze in another 3.6 miles. After the nap, my legs felt much stronger, but I still could feel the effect of yesterday’s miles during the run, so these were easy miles. Still remarkably strong though. I’m pleased by this run and thankful tomorrow is rest day! Let the taper begin!