independence park trot, headaches, ice packs, rock the parkway

Today I signed up for the Independence park trot, a 5k on April 21 that is near my home. It is being sponsored by the Independence Health Department. It will be challenging, I suppose to run a 5k only one week after the Rock the Parkway half marathon, but thanks to the Health Department, it’s FREE!! Can’t argue with that!!

Tonight I had a headache, and I opted for one of my favorite headache remedies: an ice pack. It’s completely non-invasive and surprisingly effective. The disadvantage, of course, is that it is very difficult to do anything- working, reading a book, whatever- while holding an ice pack on my head. Tonight, I made an interesting realization: When I hold an ice pack to my forehead, I think my eyeballs get cold. And when my eyeballs get cold, it feels pretty wild!!

Anyway- today was a rest day. I was somewhat reluctant, but I decided my body needed a break to get to feeling 100%. Only 10 days until Rock the Parkway, which is both nervewracking and thrilling. I keep reminding myself that I don’t need to be nervous, because I am better trained this year than I have ever been. Eek!

For sure, after RTP and the park trot, I will be treating myself to a couple of weeks without a training plan. Still running- just some time without the pressure of training for a race. I think I’ve earned it!!