a healing run? go figure

Earlier today I wrote about feeling crummy due to allergies. Tonight I went with my parents to the faux track, unsure if I would feel good enough to do anything more than walk.

After 1 lap, I felt good enough to start jogging. Nothing terribly difficult.

Jogging made me feel amazing. It was like, while I was running, all my sick feelings were gone. I felt strong and strangely unstoppable.

After 2 more miles, my parents were ready to leave, so I slowed to a cool-down walk.

Once I quit running, just a small edge of my headache returned. When I stopped walking, my sinus headache came back full force.

Right now I only feel so-so. I am wondering if I have a light cold on top of some allergy issues. Bleh. But at least I know that I can run!

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