i actually hope it’s just allergies

Bad news: I’m sick.

Worse news: Rock the Parkway is only a week away.

Possibly better news: I think this is just allergies. This is good because allergies are treatable, and there’s a decent chance I will be feeling okay by race day.

Unfortunately I’m not 100% sure that it’s allergies. I’m having a lot of vague symptoms- mostly a sinus headache, with a decent amount of sneezing today. My throat is also swollen. I’ve had *some* itchy eyes, though mostly my eyes are just dry, and I had a very brief stuffy nose, though mostly my nose has not been troublesome.

The headache is especially irritating. It’s extra difficult to focus on anything. I purposely took a couple of days off of running this week to allow my legs to recover thoroughly, and I was planning to run a few miles today, but I haven’t run it yet and honestly I’m just not sure.

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