not just allergies- i’m definitely sick :(

I was so hoping it was just allergies. Yesterday’s strong run gave me even more hope that it was just allergies. The Rock the Parkway half marathon is in one week, and I want to be at 100% on race day. But after tossing and turning all night, with a stuffy/drippy nose, this morning I finally had to admit I have a cold.

It’s not the worst cold I’ve ever had, but I wouldn’t call it mild either. I’m not too surprised that I became ill, just because I’ve been pushing myself and I know that too much athletic activity can actually impair the immune system. But the timing is obviously not good.

I’m loading up on all the “home remedies”- echinasea, vitamin C, zinc. Hopefully those will help this cold to pass quickly.

With the help of Tylenol and pseudoephedrine, I actually feel okay. Not great, but the Tylenol helps a LOT with the body aches. But I worry about taking Tylenol before the race on race day, so hopefully the aches will be over quickly.

I don’t feel strong, but my 12-mile run a week ago was strong. Now I just have to have faith that I can be strong on race day!!