feeling better, hopefully

I’m feeling human again. It’s a relief to not FEEL sick (though my voice still sounds pretty bad). Amazing what we take for granted.

The problem with this timing, of course, is that it is simply too late to do any additional training for this weekend’s race. I will be running entirely on faith this weekend!!

Such is the life of a runner, I guess. To fill my time, I’ve been teaching myself new knots for my shoes, like the Ian Knot.

By the way, the weather predictions for this weekend are sketchy- possible rain and/or thunderstorms. I don’t mind the rain much, but I do remember the terrible blister I got from last year’s Hospital Hill run, and I know that was because my shoes were wet (albeit for a different reason- it was so hot and humid that there were multiple hoses set up along the course for us to use as “showers”). Should be an interesting weekend!