rock the parkway followup

I ran the Rock the Parkway half marathon this morning. I finished the race and so, in that sense, I accomplished my goal. This won’t be a full race recap, though. This was a tough race and I am just pretty incredibly worn out.

This was an emotional race, as usual- it is amazing how much 13.1 miles can humble you. I struggled more than I’d anticipated- my legs just weren’t responding and my stamina was lacking.

Not surprisingly, my legs are exhausted. My core muscles also feel surprisingly weak. My feet are pretty torn up- four good-sized blisters (including one on TOP of my big toe!) and enough general soreness that it’s pretty difficult for me just to stand up. I successfully avoiding any chafing at all between my legs (yay udder cream!!) but I’ve got some swelling and moderate chafing under my arms.

Mentally I’m just exhausted- even though I slept most of the afternoon! I’m actually not terribly sleepy but physically exhausted. It’s a frustrating struggle for me to even string together a sentence. This was a good race, but a hard race, and hopefully tomorrow I will feel well enough to write about it!

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