Upcoming travels- I’m going to Italy!!

It’s been a crazy day- although I’m proud to say I still got out there and ran 3.1 miles today. It was a bit more challenging than I would like, but I know that is largely because I’ve been lazy this past week. So it’s kinda my own fault.

I have some big news. I’ve held off on announcing this until all the details were finalized. At the end of this month, I will be traveling to Italy with my family!! We will basically be traveling along the western coast- Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, and Pompeii.

In anticipation of your questions:
-We will be gone for about two weeks, total, and will be traveling between the aforementioned cities.
-I don’t know yet if I will get a chance to run while I am in Italy. I will probably pack at least one or two workout outfits, and I’d love to run through Rome or Naples, but running won’t be my priority while I’m there. Also, safety will be a concern- if I do run, in all likelihood I would be running alone, and as a female, I won’t go out there if I don’t feel safe.
-I am not going to Italy for the vineyards. In planning this trip, I discovered that virtually all of the cruises and tours spend a great deal of time at vineyards. I have nothing against wine or people who drink wine, but I do not drink alcohol. This is partly a personal choice, but also a medical choice- I have to take a prescription that affects my body’s ability to break down alcohol.
-I love history and I AM going to Italy to enjoy all the incredible history there!! I anticipate having lots of photos and lots of stories to tell!!
-I also hear their food is pretty good!!

Hopefully, I will also have an iPad by the end of this month that I can take with me! My parents decided to give me an iPad for my birthday one week ago, and decided that they wanted to take me to a bricks-and-mortar store today to buy it. However, every single store within two hours of our house is SOLD OUT!!! So we ordered it online, and it’s scheduled to be delivered between May 24-29. That cuts it close, and I may even call on Monday to see if I can hurry things along. I would absolutely LOVE to take an iPad with me, because it would be lots easier to maintain my blogs with it! (Not to mention it’s just cool!)

This entry was actually typed on my mother’s iPad. Typing on it is not as easy as a standard keyboard, but it’s not nearly as bad as I feared. It’s also far more robust than I expected. It will definitely be a valuable addition to my computer!