where does the time go?

Seriously!! Time has flown by this month and I feel like I still have lots more to do!

I have done absolutely horrible at exercising this month. I have no excuses- I mean, I’ve been busy but that’s no excuse. I’m up to my eyeballs in work- which is not a bad thing at all, especially since I’m self employed, but it takes a lot of time.

I leave for Italy on Tuesday. I’m incredibly excited about this, and I expect this will be an absolutely incredible trip. This week I have devoted a lot of time to “pre-packing”- looking through my closets, figuring out what I have and what I need to buy before I leave. Tonight I’ll make a shopping trip to buy those last-minute supplies.

While I’m gone, I plan to attempt to update my primary website, http://melindamusil.com, via my new iPad. It will be challenging, I’m sure, but I look forward to it. I will also update this website if I have time, but that remains to be seen.

Back to work for me- I hope I can finish everything before I leave!! 🙂