home from italy and back to working out

Home sweet home! I actually got back late on Sunday night. I spent Monday recovering from jet lag, and finally today was able to work out.

But first, to answer your eager questions: My trip to Italy was loads of fun, but no, I never really did a “proper” workout. I was on my feet almost all day, every day, waiting in lines or visiting museums or whatnot, and my stamina just didn’t hold long enough for me to run at the end of each day. Plus I just didn’t have much time. Plus there was the jet lag.

Long story short- I was on my feet and it’s not exactly like I was lazy, but I did not run.

This morning, I fell back into my Tuesday routine, got up early, and went to an hour of yoga this morning. It felt fantastic. Afterwards, I still felt very good, so I picked up Sadie and walked with her for 4 miles. That also felt fantastic.

I actually found “Pooch to 5k” today, quite by accident, and I like that program quite a lot, both for people and pooches. I may borrow some of their workouts for this summer!