Shoe adventures and life on the road

The past month has been HOT! I honestly haven’t done much running in the heat. The month of June was just blazing!

I’m actually on the road again right now. My parents and I traveled to Nebraska last weekend for a family reunion, then continued into Colorado yesterday to visit my grandparents. The weekend was incredibly busy, and yesterday I was too exhausted to run after traveling so long. But this evening, in the incredibly comfortable temperatures of a Colorado summer, I couldn’t resist.

It also helped that my grandfather lives near a beautiful city park with a large lake and walking trail. I ran up there and around that lake three times, then ran back to my grandfather’s house. I haven’t mapped it yet, so I don’t know the distance, but I ran for 53 minutes, and I would guess my distance was between three and four miles.

It actually proved to be a really surprisingly fantastic run. Even though I’m in Colorado and at a higher altitude (about a mile above sea level), I was still holding a solid pace. I felt strong. It was amazing.

One bit of humor in today’s run- Like I said, I’m away from home. Today, when I dug into my bag to find my workout clothes and running shoes, I found this:


Two shoes, but not from the same pair! Like many runners, I’m sure, at any given time I have two or three pairs of running shoes through which I cycle. Apparently i didn’t pack a matching air for this trip! Oops! Thankfully, I have both a right shoe and a left shoe, so I’m okay!

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