heat wave, work, getting back in the groove

I have been bad this past month.

I blame the heat wave. We’ve had triple digit temperatures, and after coming home from my vacations, the last thing I wanted to do was get outside in the heat. Even driving to the gym felt like too much.

I’ve also been busy with work. Summer always seems to be a busy time for me!

Those are definitely excuses, and not very good ones, but that’s the best I’ve got. It’s the truth, though. Laziness plus heat wave plus work.

I haven’t totally disregarded exercise. I’ve still been going to yoga once a week, and I’ve squeezed in a few runs, but nothing terribly respectable.

Today, though, I ran. The heat wave has broken and it was *only* 73 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside. As I joked, I’d forgotten what 73 degrees feels like so I had to get outside to enjoy it! Nothing terribly amazing- only about two and a half miles- but it felt good to sweat again.

Also, now that school is starting, I am getting back into more of a schedule, and I know my workouts need to be a part of that. Just like that old saying- “early to bed, early to rise…”

But man, I still love summer.