Another case of the Mondays

Good grief, I cannot tell you for the life of me why I am so tired today.

I have been doing so-so with the workouts. Last Saturday I had a GREAT workout- strong intervals that left me feeling strong. When I work out, it’s usually a good workout- I’m just not exercising as frequently as I’d like.

My sleep schedule is all kinds of off. Even though I’m getting to bed at a decent hour, I’m laying in bed awake until 2 or 3am, then oversleeping the next day. When I do wake up, I don’t have time to exercise and have to devote my hours to work.

In the past couple if days, I’ve devoted more than enough time to catching up on my sleep. So I have absolutely no idea why, tonight, I’m kinda groggy and feel like falling asleep!

Tomorrow morning I have yoga. I may have to drive my father to an appointment with his ophthalmologist, which would be tough in terms of sleep deprivation. Hopefully Wednesday will be a more productive day!

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