running in the rain

It’s been hot and dry for far too long around here, so I have no complaints about the rain we’ve experienced for the past two days.

Since the temperature has dropped (from the 90s or triple digits to 70-71 degrees Fahrenheit), I’ve taken the opportunity to run outside, away from the treadmill. Obviously the conditions were not perfect, but still better than 105 and sunny.

Yesterday’s run was truly a wet run. Honestly, in the first mile, I seriously considered turning around and heading to dry ground. I didn’t – my inner “coach” kicked in, and I eventually finished 3.1 miles. When I got home, I was thoroughly soaked!

Unfortunately, towards the end of my run, my mp3 player started acting up. It’s soaking in a rice bath right now. I suspect the problem was the water, but I feel pretty confident that it will work again once it has dried out.

Today’s run was not nearly as wet as yesterday’s. It was still raining, but more like a drizzle than a downpour. I wrapped a different mp3 player in plastic wrap to protect it from the rain, although in retrospect it probably would have been okay without it. There were still plenty of puddles and the ground was wet, but the cloudy sky made the weather ideal for running.

I also just felt stronger today. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was just the day, but things were working and my legs felt right. Today was a day that was made for running!