farewell to my beloved yoga teacher

A week ago my yoga teacher, Janice, announced that she is leaving at the end of September. She will be moving to central Texas.

I don’t know Janice that well, but from what I do now about her, I’m not too surprised by her news. I know she is a hard worker and a serial entrepreneur, working a full time job while also making and selling desserts at a downtown shop, as well as working part time for our gym teaching a half dozen or so classes each week. I also know she is young, single, and mobile enough that I can reasonably assume that she has found better career prospects in Texas.

I will miss her, though. She approaches yoga as a strategy for gaining flexibility and muscle, and she is very good at creating workouts that challenge my muscles without causing injury. She has been patient on the days when my balance is off or when I can’t hold a pose, but challenges me when I can. Her weekly yoga class has become my Tuesday staple.

I wish her all the best. Texas is a big state with many opportunities, and I hope she finds success!