PiYo: so much harder than yoga!!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my favorite yoga teacher was moving. This week is the first week at the gym without her, and the powers that be have switched the Tuesday 5:30am class from yoga to a PiYo class. I knew that I might not want to continue going to this class (even if it was still a yoga class!), depending on the teacher and her style. I knew virtually nothing about PiYo before going to this class, except that it is a combination of pilates and yoga. So before this class, I committed to myself that I would go to one full class, then reevaluate and decide if I wanted to come back.

The PiYo teacher’s name is Andrea, and she seems really nice. But OH MY WORD, this class was HARD! As I told my mother tonight, I discovered that the class is “less yo, more pi!” It was very fast paced, lots of moving quickly from pose to pose. My reflexes are slow as molasses – thanks to my car accident, I will never have the maximum possible reflexes or balance for age/height/weight, and because of that I’ve never really enjoyed fast-paced aerobics classes. I always feel like I’m a few beats behind everyone else, turning left when everyone else turns right, that kind of thing.

Within about ten minutes, I found myself looking at the clock and wondering how soon until the class was over! This isn’t the first time I’ve done this, I admit, but my yoga classes were virtually always at least halfway over and often three-fourths over before I found myself looking at the clock.

After about thirty minutes, I started fighting an interesting nausea/heartburn issue. I was unbelievably discouraged. I felt a bit like a fool, with my body fighting the speed and moves. I felt a bit like throwing up, and how embarrassing would that be? Despite my commitment to getting through just one class, I seriously considered leaving after 45 minutes. I sat on my heels and rested through a couple rounds of poses, which helped me feel better, and I made it to the end.

I left that class thinking to myself, “never again!!” This afternoon, my legs began to feel pretty sore, and I suspect that when I wake up tomorrow morning, I will be in unbelievable pain! But now, a few hours removed from that crazy hard class, I’m feeling less convicted in my commitment to never return. I’m crazy-sore… but it’s a good sore, the kind that means my muscles are getting stronger. I had some heartburn/nausea issues… but I had heartburn/nausea issues during the first two or three yoga classes, way back when I began. I felt completely out of place… but I felt out of place during yoga in the beginning, too.

I’m definitely sore. But maybe that’s a good thing…