PiYo part two

After last week’s PiYo class, I HURT.

Seriously, I woke up on Wednesday morning and I was in serious pain. I could hardly move. Thursday was only a little better. Thank goodness for ibuprofen. Exercise was out of the question until Friday. Yet it was good pain, if there is such a thing – not the kind of pain that accompanies injury but the kind of pain that accompanies getting stronger.

Today, a few days recovered from last week’s PiYo class and reasonably convinced that it did me some good, I got out of bed early and went back for more. This week’s class was SO much better than last week’s class! Perhaps it was because I knew what to expect, perhaps it was because my body was adjusting – probably it was a little of both. I only had a brief bout of nausea, far better than last week. I still felt like I was a few beats off from the rest of the class, but I worked up a good sweat and even enjoyed it a little bit.

My right hamstrings were REALLY tight, and made themselves known pretty early in the class! That proved to be a slight frustration – I really struggled with soreness and almost pain in that hamstring during some of the poses.

Now, oddly, I’m not sore (except for some slight continued tightness in my right hamstring), and I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I’m thankful to not be sore – clearly my body is adapting – but I was in so much pain last week that I just can’t believe I will get away without pain this week. I’m afraid I will wake up tomorrow or Thursday in pain!

On the other hand, if I’m not in pain tomorrow… I just might go for a run, or at least some light cross training. Here’s hoping!