cold weather and great runs

The past couple of days have been strange, but very very good.

On Friday, the temperature dropped around here. It wasn’t bitterly cold, but still quite noticeable – high 40s or low 50s (Fahrenheit). For whatever crazy reason, I decided to go for a run. I ran to the faux track near my house (a 0.3 mile asphalt track), then ran on the track, and something just clicked. I ran one lap, then another, and another… In total, I ran 3 miles, with some long stretches of running without any walking breaks. My pace was excellent, nice and easy, and I felt great.

Then I went out on Saturday and did it again, only better! On Saturday, I ran 3.8 miles, with even fewer walking breaks.

It’s so strange, as I relax indoors today, to think about that. It feels like that running wasn’t me, like it was all a dream. Maybe it was. But it’s a dream I am hoping to repeat tomorrow!

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