snow, treadmills, injuries

car and snowWe are still digging out from a ridiculous amount of snow, which has limited my runs to the treadmill for the past couple of weeks! We have had a TON of snow that is only starting to melt, which has left the sidewalks nearly impassable and the roads uncomfortably narrow due to all the snow piled on the shoulder. (That’s me with my car, AFTER I got rid of the vast majority of snow on it!)

We have a “functional” treadmill in our basement that I’ve used instead of going to the gym. The belt still works perfectly, but the screens are all broken, so I can’t tell how fast I’m going or how far I’ve run. It’s not perfect by far, but in a way it’s freeing. Without the numbers, I can focus on running. I can go a little faster or a little slower, depending on how I feel. I have a clock in the same room, so I have a general idea of how long I’ve run, and I can estimate my distances and paces, but it’s kind of nice to not worry about meeting a specific number.

I’ve also used my ipad on the treadmill to read a book. Even if I’m running, I can make the text larger and it’s alright.

In other news… last week, I injured my right middle finger. I was opening a package and accidentally cut my finger with the scissors. It’s a reasonably deep cut, but thankfully not deep enough to be severe, and it will (eventually) heal just fine.

IMG_0363Yesterday I went to a BodyPump class. I knew I’d be grabbing weights, and though the weights at the gym are not “dirty”, they also aren’t sanitized between users, so I wrapped up my finger really well to protect it from germs. The side effect of wrapping my finger was that I was unable to bend my finger very much. Since it was my middle finger, I’m afraid that meant that I was giving everyone “the” finger yesterday!