core pain, part ii: injury?

Yesterday I posted about dealing with some soreness in my upper back (likely my trapezius muscles). Today, I have to confess, I am a little worried.

I woke up this morning with my back still hurting. It took me a little while to get out of bed, because every time I tried to sit up, it HURT! I did get up after a few minutes and went about my day, but my back still hurt.

Pretty early in the day, I made a troubling discovery. It is a little difficult for me to take a deep breath. When I try to breath deeply, that muscle in my back acts up. I have to sort of lean forward and stretch out my back to be able to breath deeply without being in pain.

Now I want to clarify, I am NOT short of breath. The problem is NOT my lungs. It is the muscle in my back (that happens to be near my lungs). When I was in college (ironically right around St. Patrick’s Day), I had bronchitis. That was scary. When I breathed, my lungs hurt. I went from being just a little bit sick to being pretty seriously sick in just a couple of days.

So I’m emphasizing, this is NOT like that. This is a muscle problem, NOT a lung problem. I’m a little bit concerned just because it’s a pretty troublesome injury, but NOT frightened.

However, I didn’t run today. It’s just troublesome enough that I decided it wasn’t worth it. I am a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to today’s run. Hopefully it will be healed in time for Monday’s BodyPump class!!