Core pain

Something I’ve learned from exercising is that, no matter how familiar I think I am with my body, there’s always a ‘new’ muscle somewhere.

By ‘new’, I’m referring to the post-workout soreness that appears in unusual and not-often-sore places. I find this is especially common with core muscles. Usually they’re the silent workhorses – they do what they’re supposed to do without complaints. But once in awhile, a workout leaves those muscles sore. When the core muscles are sore, the pain is felt in just about every possible motion!

This morning I went to PiYo, and tonight I’m dealing with soreness in my upper back, between my shoulder blades. It’s remarkably painful. An ibuprofen has taken the edge off the pain, and it helps to lie down.

I am confident that this soreness will pass within a day or two, and I’m thankful for that – I am blessed to have a strong body. Nonetheless this is a pain that I can only describe as odd!!

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