A peculiar weekend and a peculiar start to my week…

On Saturday, I went for what proved to be a very good run. (3.48 miles and strong!) As I was approaching my home, I ran through a park and accidentally ran through a large Easter egg hunt! The egg-hunters were rather standoffish, but I felt incredibly cool nonetheless.

Randomly seen during this run.

Two police officers guarding the entrance area to the park chatted with me, though. As an aside, my hometown has the best cops anywhere. I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and shorts, and it had just started snowing, so they were teasing me about my choice of apparel. (In my defense, it was not snowing when I left the house!)

The snow continued… and continued… all night Saturday night… and by Sunday morning, we were definitely snowed in. Eight inches. On Palm Sunday. Our street is always one of the last to get plowed (it wasn’t plowed until 4pm-ish on Sunday), so going to church was out of the question. Kind of a bummer but there was nothing we could do about it.

Last night, oddly enough, I had a bad allergy attack. I was seriously wondering if I was getting a cold, because I felt so miserable. In spite of the snow covering the ground, I was sneezing and sniffling. Seems my nose didn’t get the memo that it’s too soon to have allergy problems!

I’ve mentioned earlier that I’m planning to let my 24 Hour Fitness membership expire (it will end tomorrow, Tuesday). Usually I go to a BodyPump class on Monday mornings, and this would have been my last BodyPump class at 24 Hour Fitness, but between the weather (they were forecasting MORE snow and possibly ice!) and feeling lousy from that allergy attack, I decided to stay home and rest.

I’ve been working on some website designs, and that included fixing my Nike+ wordpress widget in the right column. I’m still not totally happy with the results, but it’s better. Can’t decide what else I should add to this site…