Running, chafing, and generally being awesome


I feel awesome today.

Today, for the third day in a row, I ran 2.5 miles without walking. That’s kind of a huge deal for me. Even though I’ve been running for almost three years, I’ve almost always been a “Gallorunner” – that is, runner with regular walk breaks sprinkled throughout. Sure, there have been a handful of days when I’ve run a couple of miles without stopping, but those were definitely the exception. And I’ve NEVER run like this three days in a row before. Go me!

Things I’ve learned:

-Udderly Smooth Udder cream is awesome stuff for preventing chafing. It costs so much less than the other options out there (BodyGlide!) and works just as well.

-However, once the chafing has started, even Udderly Smooth is not enough to prevent it from getting worse! If you look in the photo above, right at the V of my tank top, you can kind of see that I’m bleeding! Oops!

-The ‘Yahoo’ baseball cap was a freebie, given to my sister, who gave it to me. But when the sun is shining, a baseball cap and sunglasses are a necessity!

-Also a necessity – sunscreen! I have a family history of skin cancer. I’m not playing around with that!

I feel like I’m just breaking through some kind of mental barrier. I’m excited to see where this goes.