eagle egg 5k race recap

Wow, this was a really good morning. I ran the Eagle Egg 5k today. These thoughts might be a bit scattered, but here goes.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I don’t know why but it seems that I can never sleep well before a race. Even the races I don’t care too much about!

Nonetheless, I dragged myself out of bed this morning, ate breakfast, and reported to the race. Since the race was at my mom’s school, she had picked up my race packet yesterday, so we had plenty of time beforehand. I helped her change a bulletin board in her classroom, which was a great distraction.

We forgot to bring a proper camera, so my mom took a pre-race photo with my iPhone. She accidentally changed it to movie, but here it is:


I used the Nike+ GPS on my iPhone, and I was already thankful for it when we lined up before the race. Rather than standing around and getting nervous, I tweeted and texted and looked up the news. Really helped the time fly!

During the race, I was also thankful for the Nike+. It was a huge help to get the “progress reports” every mile, as well as being able to look at my phone and know how far I’d gone and how far I had left to go. That made it much easier to keep going.

I completed the race in 40:17 according to Nike+, and 40:07 chip time. This is absolutely outstanding for me! My current PR for 5k is 38:59, from last year’s Independence Park Trot, on a course that was flat and in perfect running weather. Today’s course had moderate hills and a stiff wind. Considering the challenging weather, the hills, and all the many health challenges I’ve faced in getting here – it’s safe to say I’m delighted.

Race plug: This was a wonderfully family-friendly race, with children and adults of all ages running. There were plenty of families cheering for us. I will definitely plan on running this race again next year!

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