new motivations

Sometimes I’m not sure what to say on here.

I have another 5k this weekend. I’m feeling quite optimistic for a sub-40:00 time, particularly since I ran 40:07 in the one 5k I ran a month ago, and this 5k will have fewer hills. Flat, fast, and fun!

I run, nearly every day. It is ordinary and extraordinary all at once. This year, I have been running stronger than ever. It continually amazes me to discover how much farther I can push my body.

This year, interestingly enough, my running and my motivation for running has changed significantly. I haven’t done many races this year, only one 5k, and no longer races (10ks or half marathons). This is the first year since I’ve started running that I have scaled back my races so drastically. I’ve only focused on testing myself, and it’s been good.

I suspect that I will continue on this path of self-testing for a few more months. If I build up this strong base, I think I will return to (frequent) racing stronger than ever. It is strange, but somehow I think NOT racing has been better for my races than any race ever was!