independence park trot

I had this whole post written out and then I accidentally deleted it. Doh.

I held out before writing my race recap of the Independence Park Trot because I still have not been able to get my official time. I haven’t gotten much help from KC Running Company, the official race timer. Boo.

This race, held on May 4, was fantastic. It’s a free race promoted by my local health department. Very family friendly, and you will see people of all shapes and sizes completing the race. It’s a lot of fun.

 Before the race






This was also my “last hurrah” for the 25-29 age group. My 30th birthday was on May 5, meaning this was on the last possible day of my 29th year.

Waiting for the air horn to start the race!






It was very abnormally cold for a May 4 race. Temps were in the upper 30s and lower 40s (Fahrenheit); wind chills were below freezing. Most runners wore long pants and long sleeves. I’m a rebel and wore long sleeves, shorts, and gloves.

See me there, in the center-left?






The race was in a great location, a park that is nearly flat and with nice wide streets and paths. Due to its location, it also required closing minimal streets. After the race, my mom and I decided to visit a nearby store to pick up a few things my mom needed. Of course, at the register, there was another customer complaining about “those runners” and just how inconvenienced she was by them. I was still wearing my race big, and when she saw me standing near her, she became quite pale. 🙂

Nearing the finish line!






If I ever get my official race time, I will update this. Based on my own measurements, my time should be around 38 minutes and change, possibly a PR, but I don’t know the exact time. 🙁 Here’s hoping!


After the race. Mom wanted to take a picture; I just didn’t want to move!