obsessions and joy

Here’s the truth:
I love what I do – perhaps, sometimes, too much. My average day involves me getting out of bed, writing for awhile, eat lunch, write, go for a run, write.

It’s the best job in the world, and so much fun, but at times it can become overly consuming. I’ve spent the past week working out a particularly thorny scene, and frankly, I’ve amazed myself with how preoccupied it’s made me. I lay in bed writing on my iPhone. I get up in the morning and spend ALL DAY writing and editing the scene. When I’m away from home, I take notes on my iPhone and email them to myself.

I am still running, and that’s actually been going really well. I’m pushing harder than ever in my “running” career. My mileage is lower than it was a year ago (an average of 3 to 3.5 miles per day), but my pace is more consistent and slightly faster.

I’ve also been pleased with how much this scene has distracted me while running. It’s fantastic when I’m running, and suddenly I realize that I’ve run a certain distance but don’t remember running it. It gives me a boost and helps me continue the run.

And that’s been my life. It’s quiet, but I love it. I write and I run. It’s pure joy.