6.26 miles with a Christmas playlist

My life is so good.

Thanksgiving is a pretty mellow affair around my house. It’s just me and my parents. (My only sister lives out of state and will be flying home at Christmas.) We start the day with homemade monkey bread, then lounge around the house all day. Usually we (especially my mom and sister) will solve a jigsaw puzzle. We all cook in the kitchen together, then eat turkey and all the trimmings. In recent years, I’ve begun adding a post-breakfast, pre-dinner run to my day.

Yesterday I had the foresight to put together a playlist of Christmas music on my iPhone. Today I went on a glorious 6.26 mile run, with Christmas tunes in my ears. The weather was spectacular – upper 30s Fahrenheit, with a light to moderate wind. I passed a few houses with families in the yards, and waved to all of them while yelling “Happy Thanksgiving!” I also waved at as many passing cars as I could – and I’m pleased that a reasonably high percentage waved back!

At the halfway point of today’s run

I’m thankful for a strong pair of legs that allowed me to go on that long run. I’m thankful for safe roads and friendly neighbors. I’m thankful for my amazing parents, who stayed home with the turkey while I ran. I’m thankful for my sister, who provided a Thanksgiving feast for a dozen individuals who had nowhere else to go. I’m thankful for a warm bed, a full stomach, a job that provides, and the freedom to worship Jesus without fear.

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!