New Year, running strong

November was a good month, as far as running goes. I ran consistently, averaging 4-5 runs and a little over 15 miles per week. Every weekend, I ran a long run of 6 miles. It was fantastic.

December, I’m afraid, was harder. Between the holidays, the weather, and quite a bit of added work, running took a backseat. Now, to clarify, it has been a good month in many other ways – but I didn’t run much in December.

January, I think, will be a good month. I’ve already run twice, including one run in 20-degree weather (and it felt AWESOME!). I’ll get back into those 6-mile weekend runs, and I’m even considering adding miles to the weekend runs, though I need to solve some logistical issues (hydrating and refueling).

2014? It’s going to be a great year.

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  1. Paul says:

    I generally run with a water bottle that might have Gatorade in it. I can also slip a couple packets of GU into the tiny pocket of my running shorts. Between those, I can generally get 10+ miles in (slow miles).

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