A cold, cold weekend

I’m laying in bed right now, listening to a strong wind blowing outside. Winter has definitely arrived, with all it’s bone-chilling cold.

I did actually make it outside for a run today. The temperature had warmed to about 32 degrees Fahrenheit, though a bracing wind made it feel much cooler.

The bottom two or three inches of this knit cap are supposed to fold upward, but I tug it over my ears so often that it now looks more like a brim. 🙂

The temperature is forecast to drop steadily over the next few days, along with a few inches of snow. I may spend some time on the treadmill tomorrow, but it’s pretty doubtful that I will be running outdoors! The silver lining is that this will give me plenty of time to work on my writing website, which has been undergoing lots of big changes lately.

If you’ll be in the Midwest or northeast United States this weekend, stay indoors if you can! Much as I may dislike the treadmill, this is NOT safe running-outside weather!

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