still around

I haven’t dropped dead. Though, just based on the latest series of cold snaps, the idea of staying in bed indefinitely is VERY attractive!

I’ve been writing a ridiculous amount lately. It’s been good – I’m making good progress on my current work – but at the same time it feels like every extra ounce of brainpower is going toward my story, leaving very little for blogging (or anything else). Beyond that, I struggle to come up with anything to say on this site. It feels a little cheap when all I have to say is “I ran three miles and it was good”, but at the same time, I have no expert advice to offer. I love running, but I am far from elite. I can run for a pretty long time, but in terms of pace, I’m pretty easy to beat.

I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for semi-regular posts. For sure, the first item on that list is my accident. I’ve started writing that story, but I’ve never finished it – and I owe it to all of you to finish it. I owe it to myself, too, I guess – sometimes I need to remind myself that it’s a miracle I am alive, and that makes everything I do a miracle.

I think I may also start working on some reviews of running products I use and enjoy. One thing that drew me to running was its simplicity, but as I’ve become more involved in the running world, I’ve seen lots of pressure to spend lots of money on running gear. I don’t doubt that the expensive products are good, but I’ve found that there are often much cheaper substitutes that work just as well.

That’s the end of my creativity for tonight, at least. I’m still here, and I won’t go anywhere… even if I don’t have much to say.