snow and ice

We had about an inch of snow over the weekend. On Saturday, after clearing our driveway, my parents and I drove to our friends’ home to clear their driveway. He recently had surgery, and their driveway is far to big for her to clear alone. It turned out to be quite a workout! I was intentionally trying to shovel as much as possible, so that my parents and our friends (who are the same age as my parents) would not hurt themselves. The ice was quite stuck to the driveway, so we had to basically chisel it off! With all five of us shoveling, it took about an hour and a half (though admittedly, the one who had surgery was taking it a bit easier). I was sweating buckets, though I barely noticed until it started dripping into my eyes. Once we were finished and went inside, I took off my coat and discovered that my jeans and sweatshirt were quite wet!

I went for a run today – 3.63 miles. The temperature was pretty mild (30 degrees), but there was still a fair amount of ice on the sidewalks and edges of the roads. Most of the roads were clear enough that I could run on dry  or almost-dry pavement, but I still had to run on ice-covered sidewalks in some areas. The ice was challenging, quite slippery and I didn’t have a whole lot of traction on my shoes. It’s interesting how different it feels to run on ice instead of asphalt or concrete. No major falls, though, and I’m thankful for today’s run because the forecast for the rest of the week is bitterly cold (single-digits!), with a major snowstorm coming overnight!

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  1. So you did cross training and got in a run!

    I’ve been spending so much time on the treadmill lately that I’ve decided to give it a name: Myles.

    I did the Kickoff 5K at Arrowhead on Sunday morning (when it was 13 degrees). No organized runs until the Westport St. Patrick’s Day 4 Miler. Haven’t done that one before. And then, of course, Rock the Parkway in April, which has me terrified.

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