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Snow Cat

Snow Cat (Photo credit: clickclique)

I got outside for a run today. Wait – let me rephrase that. I got outside for a “run” today. We’ve had so much snow lately. I generally don’t run on ice at all – too much risk of falling. With snow, it just depends. If the roads are fairly clear, I’m okay with it. It can be tricky, though, since I work from home – often, I can’t tell if the roads are clear without actually going for a run (since my house is a couple of blocks off the beaten path, so to speak). It felt like it had just been so long since I’ve gone outside for a run. Really, it’s only been a week or so, but it felt worse. I was antsy, and the temperature had come up slightly (to around 30 degrees Fahrenheit). I looked out the window and it didn’t look too bad, so I decided to give it a try. Definitely called it wrong! A very good portion of the run was through unbroken snow up to my shins, and that meant I did less running and more marching/hopping. Absolutely brutal on my quads and hamstrings! I came home and cuddled up to my foam roller for a little while. Ow! Hurtsies a lotsies! But my muscles feel loose, and the forecast for Saturday is very mild. I’m optimistic!

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  1. Paul says:

    My last runs that were not on a treadmill were the Kickoff 5K at Arrowhead (in 13 degrees!!!) and the Groundhog Run underground. I’ve spent so much time with the treadmill that I’ve given it a name: Miles. My wife and I are doing a 5K this weekend, but we’ll walk most of it. I think Miles and I are going to continue our relationship for a while.

    Also, just got some new kicks: Hoka One One. Goofiest looking shoe in the world, but lotsa cushion, so maybe the ache in my ankle go away.

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