yo-yo weather and un-graceful wipeouts

The weather has certainly been on a yo-yo this year! Today, it was 60 degrees (Fahrenheit), and I had a fantastic run (3.67 miles wearing a tank top and shorts!). Earlier this week, though, it was well below freezing! Go figure!

I wiped out earlier this week, big time! Because we recently had snow, followed by above-freezing weather, I’ve been running through a lot of slush. I’ve become pretty good at identifying the slush that will leave my shoes wet and the slush that is harmless, but apparently not good enough – I misjudged a pile of slush, and my right foot slid out behind me.

Aren't We All?
*cue slow motion flailing arms*

I fell forward and down, hard, on my left knee and right hand, followed by my right hip.

The front of my shirt and the front of my pants was wet, from head to toe. I rolled over – and conveniently found myself sitting in another puddle. 🙂 After a moment of shock, I brushed some of the slush off my clothes and tested my arms and legs to ensure that everything was still working.

Remarkably, it was. I wasn’t bleeding, and amazingly, I didn’t have any holes in my clothes except for one small hole in the finger of one glove. In fact, I was able to finish my run, unscathed except for the lovely mud stains down the front of my shirt. 🙂

Tomorrow, I may try for another 6-mile run. Hopefully one WITHOUT a wipeout!