six-mile saturday

Technically it was 6.39 miles, but “six-point-three-nine-mile saturday” just doesn’t have the same ring.

I had a fantastic run on Saturday. Before the run, I “pre-hydrated” by drinking two cups of Gatorade. It was about 40 degrees and sunny – very in-between weather! I opted to wear long pants and long sleeves, although I probably could’ve gotten away with much less.

The first mile felt great – really great. On many (most?) of my runs, the first mile is challenging. I push myself, but it takes that first mile to find my rhythm. When the first mile goes well, I notice – and Saturday’s first mile went really well.

The next couple of miles flew by. The weather was beautiful, my legs took on a mind of their own, and all was right in the world.

photo (22)

Pausing at 3.2 miles for a photo op.







Mile 3.5 to mile 4 or so was incredible. Granted, it was downhill, but I took advantage of it and really pushed myself. It was just amazing. My pace improved – 10:14 at one point!

Especially when I’m running long, the last mile is often challenging. My legs are tired, my feet are sore, and I have to remind myself not to give up. I’m not sure if it was because I decided, long before this run, that the last mile was going to be fine, doggonit!, but it was not bad. Not bad at all. In fact, I found enough in the tank to push myself to run faster! It wasn’t as fast as my earlier pace (more like 11:30), but I’m still quite pleased.

If only every run could be as good as this!

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  1. My first mile is always the worst, despite my self talk that I’ll survive. I’m sure that I can’t do the run and that I should just call it a rest day and go home. But once I’m past that first mile, I am warmed up or find my stride or become an adult or something. Curiously, my last mile is generally my best, whatever distance I am running. In part I think it is because I am warmed up, and past the doubt. But I’ve also been pushing myself to get negative splits. So I give myself a little credit.

    Do you have any trouble running in those big sunglasses? Mine are much smaller, but they still slide down my nose, unlike my regular glasses.

    1. It’s funny you ask about the sunglasses – I read another blog just this week where the writer commented on her inability to comfortably wear glasses due to the bridge of her nose being very flat. I’ve found that I prefer sunglasses that have molded nose-pad thingy, because I can raise them on top of my head when I’m not wearing them. I wear contact lenses, and I think that makes my eyes extra-sensitive, so if it’s sunny I am really uncomfortable without sunglasses. But when it’s overcast or dark, of course, sunglasses are problematic. The last time I ran Rock the Parkway, it was overcast and I ran most of the race with my sunglasses on top of my head – but when the sun came out, I was awfully glad to have them!

      To answer your question more directly- no, I do not have any trouble with the big sunglasses. Apparently my nose is sufficiently “lumpy” to hold the glasses in place. (I did break my nose over a decade ago. Thankfully it healed pretty well, but perhaps that created a bit of a lump?)

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