a mile six theory

Another six (point-three) mile Saturday, and I’m remembering to write about it before the day ends! Yayyy me!

It was a fantastic run – 72 degrees (Fahrenheit), sunny, with a moderate breeze. First mile was tough, but the second mile was fantastic. Fourth mile included the downhill stretch that I LOVE – it’s so easy to just absolutely FLY down that hill! – and turned out to be my fastest mile, at 13:32.

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Does this look like an artistic selfie?





The last mile, again, was killer – so hard to push myself! This winter, I’ve been doing these six-mile runs without taking any water, gatorade, gels, or any other food. So, perhaps I’m dealing with a nutrition and/or hydration issue!

The logistics of nutrition and hydration is why I haven’t taken anything with me. I recently acquired a SPI Belt (thanks to my amazing sister!), and I’m comfortable running while wearing that, but water or gatorade is more challenging. I need to figure out how to carry it without feeling like I’m weighed down!

Oh, in other news – today, my Nike+ account, which has tracked most of my runs for the past year and a half, rolled past 500 miles! Woohoo!

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  1. Saturday was a perfect day for a run. I did the Westport St. Pat’s Day 4 Miler. Pleased with my performance (even if I was at the back of the pack).

    I’ve run with a Amphipod water bottle that straps to my hand. It’s become second nature to me, so I hardly notice it, and it doesn’t weigh that much even filled with Gatorade. I know some belts include water bottles too. I’ve read that unless you’re running for 90+ minutes, you probably don’t need GU or the like (as long as you fuel up properly before you go) or even water. Plus, if it takes 20+ minutes to metabolize what your do eat, your run might be done before you get the benefit of the GU if you eat it mid-run.

    1. I don’t have a handheld, but I should probably start with a bottle of water (or gatorade). Handheld actually sounds pretty good, since my elbows hit the hydration belts. I’m honestly not too eager to step into the GU world – it’s expensive and I’m not wild over the texture. In my previous half marathons and long runs, I’ve only used gatorade. Probably not ideal but I managed. When I get back up to 8 or 9 miles, I may try mixing the gatorade thicker (I buy the powdered form).

      1. You might consider things like Shot Bloks. They’re the same energy formula but they’re like chewy candy (rather than cake frosting GU). Still price, but easy to carry on long runs. And for me, they really do seem to make a difference.

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