fartleks and new houses

What a crazy crazy couple of days! I’ve been helping two of my close friends with a move, and it’s just unbelievable how crazy it is to move into a new house!

The weather has been very nice lately. Yesterday when I ran it was in the 60s, today it was 72. Unfortunately the meteorologists are predicting it could go down as low as the mid 30s on Sunday. 🙁

Yesterday’s run was fantastic. I decided to try a fartlek-kind of run, and it went FAR better than I expected. It was windy, so I ran to my favorite faux-track. I pushed hard on the west to east stretch, and easy on the other stretches. On the high-intensity parts, I was able to get down to a 10:30 pace pretty consistently. I did a half-dozen circuits, and didn’t really fall apart until the last circuit. My average pace was about 14:00.

Today, I gave the fartleks on the track another try. I wasn’t really expecting much, since I figured my legs would still be recovering from yesterday. Just as I expected, my legs just weren’t in it. I only did 4 circuits, and my pace averaged more like 14:30 or 14:45. Not as strong, but it still felt good.

Incidentally – my friends’ new house is about 4.5 or 5 miles away from my home (I haven’t measured it exactly yet), and the roads between us are good running roads (several running paths, wide shoulders, etc.). I think I might start working up to running to their house and back (9 or 10 miles).