a mid-week long run

Yesterday was CRAZY. Good-crazy, but crazy nonetheless. In the morning, I took a friend’s mother-in-law to the DMV. She just recently moved in with them from out of state and needed to transfer her car’s registration and her driver’s license to Missouri. That was an exercise in patience. MIL has never dealt with bills or paperwork – that was all taken care of by the recently deceased FIL. Patience, patience, patience.

In the evening, I attended the second session of the Independence Police Department’s Citizen’s Police Academy. It’s absolutely fascinating. The IPD is a fantastic group, and IMO the best PD around. It’s large enough to have a drug lab, a canine unit, a dedicated crime scene investigation unit, a crime prevention unit, and more. It’s small enough, though, that there’s a real sense of community. I’ve learned a LOT already, more than I can fit into one post, and I’m looking forward to the remaining 9 weeks! (We may even have the opportunity to get tased during next week’s Taser demonstration. I’m actually thinking about volunteering. The best way to write about something is to experience it, right?)

In between MIL and police academy, I went on a 6.36-mile midday run. It was fantastic. I made a couple of changes from my usual 6-mile runs. The most obvious change was the day of the week – Wednesday instead of Saturday. I also ran with a water bottle – nothing fancy, just one of those 16-ounce bottles. But I think it helped.

It was WINDY yesterday – gusting as high as 30-40 mph. The temperature was around 55 degrees (Fahrenheit), though the wind made it more unpleasant. I didn’t realize how windy it was until I was running! I nearly got blown away. The first mile was rough – in addition to questioning my sanity, as usual, I had many moments when I had to put my head down and fight the wind. Tough!

I also had put the bottle of water into the freezer a couple hours earlier, and the cold bottle against my bare hand was also rather unpleasant. A couple of miles later, of course, the bottle warmed to a comfortable temperature.

The second mile was downhill, and not quite as much into the wind, so it was better. I had a full bottle of water, but I didn’t want to break my rhythm to take a drink. Around this time I started wondering how I was going to manage drinking this water. At the end of the second mile, I stopped to cross a street and solved my water problem. For the rest of the run, I took a swig every time I had to stop to cross a street.

The third mile was similar to mile 1. I was running into the wind, again, and I really had to push myself! The water bottle in my hand was still mostly full, leading me to wonder if I had brought more water than I needed, and if I should dump some of the water to make it lighter. Thankfully I didn’t – I wound up drinking every drop before the run was over!

The fourth mile, at last, was easier. I turned around and was finally running with the wind at my back. The difference was HUGE. It started to get more difficult about midway through the fifth mile. I had to run uphill a bit, which was a mental challenge as much as a physical challenge.

I took the last swig of the water bottle and launched into the last mile-plus. It wasn’t “easy”, exactly, but it felt strong and I was pretty delighted with that. Since I’d brought the water bottle and stayed hydrated, I didn’t have to deal with cotton mouth during this last mile. My legs and feet were tired, but my heart and lungs felt strong. I had some chafing in my inner thighs – I use Udderly Smooth Udder Cream to lubricate my skin, and I got into the bad habit of using it rather sparingly this winter. Luckily the chafing wasn’t too bad – just enough to be noticeable.

I finished strong. My pace was slowish, but I figure the wind added at least a minute. 🙂 I was pleased to find that I still felt strong enough to stand and walk after the run. In fact, several hours later, I was surprised to discover that I was not sleepy or struggling to stay awake in the evening (which I’d expected and feared). It felt so, so good, and I’m so glad I was able to squeeze in this run when I could.