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April has started out to be a surprisingly busy month, so my apologies this late(r) post.

pre-race selfie

Pre-race selfie with my mother

The Eagle Egg 5k was one week ago, and it was excellent. It was a fun race, especially since it’s been nearly a year since I last raced. This race is sponsored by and raises money for Summit Christian Academy, where my mother teaches.


Just beyond the starting line

My time was good, an improvement on my time last year on this same course, but I ran the first mile WAYYYY too fast – nearly a 10:00 pace!! – and I am positive that affected my overall time. I even suspected, during the race, that I was going too fast – but it is SO hard to slow down when I’m just flying like that! So, so fun!

There was an aid station at the halfway point. In addition to water, each runner was given one of those cheap plastic Easter eggs, with a Dove chocolate on the inside. πŸ™‚ I joked afterward that Dove chocolates are so much tastier than gels or chews, and the marathons should adopt this strategy at their aid stations!


The finish line!

I crossed the finish line at EXACTLY 40:00. I didn’t get my official time until several minutes later, but it was nice to know that my time was at least under 40:00. I was a tiny bit surprised when, after I crossed the finish line and stopped running, I became very dizzy. I wasn’t too shocked, though, because this has happened to me before after a hard run. I made my way to a nearby curb and sat down for a few minutes until the dizziness passed.

My chip time was 39:45.2.

Last Wednesday, I ran 7.35 miles. I’m not sure why I ran that far – I started out with plans to run my usual 6.4 mile route – but I had the idea to add this particular stretch of road, which added almost a mile. I was quite pleased that I’d pushed myself, but at the same time, it was probably kinda dumb to add that extra mile. All I had was a bottle of water, no sports drink, no gels, and no money to allow myself to BUY some kind of nutrition. So that last mile turned out to be pretty brutal, because I had NO energy left in the tank. It’s funny, because I remember I was “digging deep” and really pushing myself through that last mile – but my pace was pretty slow. πŸ™‚ My legs just had nothing left in them.


Halfway through my crazy run

I was out shopping later in the day, and while I was pleasantly surprised that my legs weren’t overly sore, I was amused that my “walking pace” was slower than usual.

Yesterday I ran 6.41 miles. The wind was phenomenal – gusts up to 30-40mph. This spring, it seems like every day that the temperature is mild, it is accompanied by a STRONG wind! I’ve run in heavy wind before, but today my legs just weren’t into it. I hate to call it a “bad” run, because I had no major training goals and even if my pace was slow, I’m glad I got out there. But this was probably the worst run I’ve had in awhile.Β That’s okay – once in awhile, it’s bound to happen. πŸ™‚