frustratingly busy

Ugh. When it comes to running, May has just not been a good month.

It’s a poor excuse, but my life has really been crazy this month. Just last night, I finished the Citizens’ Police Academy at my local police station, which was WAY COOL, but took up a fair amount of time. My computer broke – thankfully it was a repair I could make, but it took time. Ironically I also had a higher-than-usual amount of computer-based freelance work – a variety of computer tasks that I do for private clients. I had several days this month when I was already committed to volunteering through my church. We traveled to a family reunion in Nebraska over Memorial Day weekend. Add in all the regular work I do, the stuff that pays the bills, and running didn’t even make it to the priority list.

I attempted to get outside yesterday for a run, and I was really frustrated and disappointed by how much fitness it seems I have lost. It was pretty warm – mid 80s Fahrenheit – and very humid. I could barely finish two miles before my legs refused to go on, and those first two miles were pretty miserable. My body was just not into it at all. It didn’t feel free or flowing, like the runs I have really loved. I’m sure part of it is mental, too – I know I’ve always struggled with the mental game.

I guess I’m “back to square one”, at least for now. This weekend will be crazy – we have family visiting us – but hopefully next week I can get out for a couple of real easy runs, Gallo-run style. It’s annoying to struggle, but it’s worth it to get back to running free and flowing. Because that is a feeling I just cannot replicate any other way!

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  1. So that WASN’T you who passed me at the half marathon at Whiteman Air Force Base on Saturday? I’m glad I didn’t try calling out your name to the woman.

    Sounds like you’re keeping yourself busy even without running much. I know about those miserable runs. I think most of us are still getting used to running in actual heat (and humidity).

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