canine visitors and visiting family

What a month! I am thrilled (and just a little bit sad) to report that I am finished with my travels for the summer. It’s been a LOT of fun, and I’m a sorry that it’s over, but at the same time it is good to get back into a routine.

After our road trip to visit my sister, my parents and I came home for a little over a week. A dear friend of ours was scheduled to deliver a baby, and we had the opportunity to puppy-sit for her and her husband while she was in the hospital.

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Sadie, the puppy, was such a lady. She is an incredibly well-behaved dog. She’s house-trained, and she never attacks the house or furniture. She’s always excited when we get home. She adores us. Her biggest “fault” is that she will bark at the mailman or at any animals (usually birds or squirrels) on our porch.





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I happened to unbox a brand-new pair of shoes while Sadie was here. These are Catapult Conquers. Pretty colors, no? Cost me $20 at Kmart. I’m pretty sure these are the cheapest running shoes I’ve ever purchased! I didn’t buy them for the colors, though – these just happened to be the pair on the shelf that felt best.


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Sadie is not a large dog (only eleven pounds) so while I took her for a walk every day, and while we did run a little bit, I was cautious not to too far or too fast. Though I adore her, she is not MY dog, and I don’t want to make her sick.



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We went to a park near Bass Pro Shop in Independence. It’s the first time this season that I’ve been to that park, and WOW, they had a bumper crop of rabbits! Even in the middle of the day, I’d see at least two dozen, many of which were clearly juvenile. They were nearly impossible to photograph, but lots of fun to see!


I also saw this, which I *think* is a Great Blue Heron.





Sadie’s “mom” gave birth to a perfect little boy, and Sadie went home after a week.




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Last week, my parents and I drove to Colorado to check up on my 93-year-old grandfather (my mother’s father) and his 91-year-old wife. They still live in a house (the same one that my grandpa and my late grandma bought when my mother was a teenager), but we visit every year to help make repairs around the house and just to check on them.


I had the best of intentions, planning to work and run, but I wound up accomplishing neither. I was designated to make technology repairs and upgrades to my grandfather’s PC, iPad, and Kindle. I didn’t have access to the internet (except on my cell phone) for the first three days while I updated his new router and figured out the wireless security key. Add in the time it took to figure out his issues with the iPad and Kindle, plus to write detailed instructions telling him how to use his devices, and by the time I had any “down time”, it was time to go home!

I have to admit, my desire to run while I was in Colorado was not entirely selfless. I love my step-grandmother – she has taken care of my grandfather, and I’ll always be thankful for that. She has had one knee replaced and has arthritis in her second knee, totally understandable for a 91-year-old. Every summer, she begs me to quit running because she is convinced that I am ruining my knees.

I understand her perspective, and I know she only wants the best for me. I also know that there’s no way she can understand all the ways that running has benefited me, and I’m not just talking about physically. Yes, I’ve lost some weight and gained some cardiovascular strength. Much more importantly, I’ve gained confidence. Running has given me a joy that I’ve never found in anything else. Maybe it will ruin my knees – but it’s worth it!

The weather since I returned has been just incredible. Sunny, mild temperatures – absolutely ideal. It has been perfect weather for running, and even though I’m still a bit out of shape, it has been wonderful!

2 thoughts on “canine visitors and visiting family”

  1. Running probably will NOT ruin your knees unless they’re already prone to some other problem.

    And yes, that is a great blue heron in your photo.

    How are those new kicks to run in? How many miles do you think you’ll get out of them?

    1. I didn’t point out that there are two or three other individuals in our family who have had knee replacements due to complications related to being obese or overweight. I honestly think, if anything, running has been good for my knees, in the same way it has been good for my whole body. And if I ever need a knee replacement, I’m just thankful that I have outstanding choices for knee repair.

      So far the shoes seem to be good! My runs of the past couple of weeks have been tough, but I think that has more to do with being out of shape. I’ve been alternating them with an older pair of running shoes, but I was wearing them today when I ran three and a half great miles. At $20, I’d honestly be happy if I got 200 or 300 miles out of them, but I’m pretty optimistic. 500 would be outstanding – anything more would just be gravy.

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