weekly wrap-up, 9-28-14 – long runs, happiness, and upcoming events

This has been a good week. A bit topsy-turvy, I suppose, but good!

On Monday morning, I received an email alerting me of a publishing credential (Remains of the U-Boats’ Watery Reign). Always a great way to start the week! I ran 3.62 very happy miles in 53:12. The sun was out, and it was just a fantastic run.

I wound up skipping my workout on Tuesday. Bad Melinda! 🙂 I got a last-minute call asking me to participate in a focus group downtown, and that wound up taking a big chunk out of my day. Since it was a cross-training day, I didn’t push it.

Wednesday’s run was also good. 3.13 miles in 46:51. There was a little bit of rain during this run – a steady rain, but not enough that I would consider it a downpour. It was really the perfect amount of rain, just enough to cool me off but not so much that I was running through puddles or chafing excessively.

Thursday’s run, though, was tough. From the moment I woke up, I was struggling to having the ambition to just walk out the door and run. I wanted to run, but it was so hard to convince myself to run! Once I got out there, my legs just were not in it. I slogged through 3.7 miles, but it felt awful.

I took Friday off. Double-bad Melinda. After the lousy run on Thursday, I just couldn’t find the enthusiasm to exercise.

On Saturday, I was planning a long run, and honestly I was pretty determined beforehand to make it a good run. After I’d had the crummy run, I just knew I needed a strong run. The sun was shining, the temperature was moderate, and I was stubborn.

I cannot explain it. Something took over my legs. I just let my legs set my pace, running based on how I felt. It was like I had wings.

I ran 6.65 miles in 1:32:26 – only 13:54/mile. At some points, my pace got as fast as sub-10:00. It was just incredible.

photo (22)

at the halfway point of my amazing long run! woohoo!

Now I will add, the last mile or mile and a half turned out to be pretty difficult. On the one hand, I knew my pace was out of this world, and I was wondering if I could hang on long enough to finish with a strong pace. On the other hand, I hadn’t brought a bottle of water (when will I learn?), and I was VERY dehydrated. I had a serious case of cotton-mouth, and my dry lips were stuck to my dry gums.

But I did hold on, long enough to get home and get a glass of water. 🙂 My legs were exhausted, but I felt fantastic. I’m so excited by this.

On Friday, I got a reminder message about R4TW, which is coming up NEXT SATURDAY, October 4. Where does the time go? It’s one more reason to be glad that Saturday’s run went so well. I’m already nervous about running around people I know – I don’t need to worry about my pace, too. Anonymity doesn’t get enough credit, y’all!

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