weekly wrap-up, 10-3-14 and prepping for tomorrow’s run

This has been a good week – fairly laid-back and very enjoyable.

On Monday morning, I decided to pick up my favorite puppy and take her for a walk.

photo (23)

This is Sadie, refusing to hold still!

We went to the Little Blue Trace Trail. It was warm, and I didn’t want to let Sadie get too dehydrated, so I challenged myself to power-walk the distance and focus on improving my form. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my pace was quite consistent – 16:53 until the end of the run, when I slowed a bit to 16:59.

We walked 3.24 miles, and I was also surprised to discover that it turned out to be a moderately challenging workout. Though I’d expected a moderately lazy workout, my legs were a little bit tired. It wasn’t the same ‘tired’ that I get from a long run, not even close, but I could tell that I’d worked. (I was also a little bit dehydrated – gotta work on that!)

It’s been awhile since I visited the Little Blue Trace Trail, and I’d forgotten how pleasant it is. The trail is made of crushed gravel, which feels much better on your legs/knees than my usual asphalt. It runs more-or-less parallel to the Little Blue River, and for the most part it’s set back from the roads, so it’s filled with nature. You’re running on a white gravel trail, with green grass on either side of you, trees, birds, grasshoppers – nature. And that’s just really pleasant.

I saw FOUR caterpillars, all different colors, during my walk:

photo (24) photo (25) photo (26) photo (27)
















I managed to squeeze in another run on Wednesday, 2.57 miles. It was just a run to my faux track, a few laps around, and then home – not nearly as nice as the Little Blue Trace, but it works.

Yesterday and today have been rest days for tomorrow’s run. Fall has arrived with a vengeance, and the temperature took quite a dive last night. Tonight, it’s predicted that we’ll get close to freezing temperatures, and tomorrow morning the temperature is forecasted to be around 45 degrees Fahrenheit during the run. I can’t say that I’m real happy about the timing of this temperature swing – since I’ve been training in 70-degree weather, I’m not sure how my body will respond to the cool. I was originally planning on wearing my pink tank top and black shorts (one of my favorite running outfits!) tomorrow, but with the cool weather I suspect I’ll need something warmer. Perhaps one of my short-sleeve technical shirts with a pair of shorts and my knee-high compression socks? I have a couple of long-sleeve cotton tees, but I really don’t want to wear long sleeves during the race. Of course, I’ll bring a track suit to wear before and after.

So be it. I’ll try to update tomorrow afternoon.

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    1. Paul – I received this comment at the perfect moment, just before the run began. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

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