Spring weather and a strong body

I’m so happy. I ran today!

Yes, I suppose it’s a little cheesy, but the weather was beautiful this afternoon (sunny, light winds, 75 Fahrenheit) and I am finally beginning to feel strong and healthy again. After a reasonably productive work day, I changed into my running clothes and strapped on my running shoes.

As good as it felt to run again, I could definitely tell that I’ve been inactive lately. My lungs and my legs rebelled at the workout. My pace was slow (16:00). Since I’ve run before and trained before, though, I didn’t have the same struggles as I had back when I first started running. Some of that, I’m sure, is because I’ve learned how to maintain an efficient gait, but I believe most of it is because I’ve mastered a lot of the mental game. I’ve learned to convince myself to keep going – even when a run/race is long, even when my pace is slow, even when my body feels awful.

photo (1)


About one mile into the workout, I spotted a police officer on a motorcycle, but parked, partially concealing himself behind a sign and pointing his radar gun at oncoming traffic. I didn’t have the nerve to walk up to him and ask to take a photo with him! I took this not-very-good photo from about a half-block away, but when I got closer, he got on his motorcycle and drove away.

photo (2)


I stopped halfway to take a running selfie, and I was struck by my shadow. Very pronounced, and very interesting!

My nose is still dripping a bit more than usual, and it was at this point in the run that I had to sent out the first snot rockets. 🙂 Don’t worry, I didn’t hit any people or cars. Just the middle of the street and a lovely flower bed. (sorry!)

photo (3)


Back on the road, and I felt great. I found my groove and was just letting my feet lead the way. There were actually quite a few people outside today – no surprise, since the weather was so nice. I passed several bicyclists, a walker, and a whole crowd of people waiting at a bus stop.

photo (4)


I was nearly home when I was stopped by this – a truck with a long trailer backing into a driveway. I’m sure it didn’t take more than three or four minutes, but it certainly felt like longer as this driver blocked the road.


I completed 3.61 miles today. It was really quite glorious to run again. If you’re not a runner, you won’t get it. Running is what makes me feel strong and healthy and amazing. Finally kicking the illnesses I’ve had this winter is just the icing on the cake – I am still blowing my nose a bit more than usual, and I’m still coughing a bit, but I finally feel strong. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to squeeze my training in before this spring’s 5ks!