Blisters, blood, and 3.6 miles

Ahh, blisters. I’m getting to know you far too well.

You may recall that last Saturday, I ran a 5k race that led to me getting soaked. When I got home, I stuffed my (wet) shoes with old newspaper and set them in front of the refrigerator to dry.

On Monday, I decided to let the shoes dry for a couple more days. I had a new pair of shoes sitting on my bedroom floor just begging for a run:


And I was off. The weather was beautiful. The shoes felt a little stiff, since they were new, but I felt great.

My pace was outstanding. It was really a great day for a run.


Boom! Running strong and feeling amazing!


Check out these new kicks!

I ran 3.6 miles. When I got home, I felt incredible, but when I took my shoes off, I was alarmed to discover a significant blood stain:


My feet weren’t much better:


Okay, it really doesn’t look that bad. But hadn’t felt it. I was surprised, shocked, and (for a moment at least) very worried.

Once I took a shower and cleaned up my wounds, it looked much better. Still raw but not as frightening. The new shoes rubbed impressive blisters into the skin over the back of both my heels. I have an open wound on my right heel (presumably from a blister that popped). The blister on my left heel has not popped, but it’s large enough that I’m not sure if it will survive another run.

I’m determined to run tomorrow. I know I need to tape my heels, though I’m a little concerned about creating additional hot spots from the tape. Ideally I’d like to keep the left-heel-blister whole, and I’d like it if the right-heel-blister didn’t bleed any more… I know the blood gives them character, but those shoes are almost new! I’m not counting on it – these blisters are pretty big! – but I’ll let you know how it goes!!