bandages, blisters, and miles of fun

I’ve had a week of bandages.

I should preface this by mentioning that I’m incredibly cheap when it comes to bandages. At times, I am VERY clumsy, and I have to deal with lots of little “owwies”. Band-Aids are not exactly cheap, and often, my wounds are insignificant enough that I can use fabric or paper tape (similar to this) to deal with them at a much lower cost. I also get plenty of “hot spots” and blisters on my feet that require tape.

This is the first time I can recall that I’ve gotten serious blisters on the backs of my heels. Out of habit, I suppose, I was treating my blisters by wrapping them with tape. Doh. At first it was okay. I decided I felt good enough to tolerate a 3.6 mile run on Wednesday (two days post-injury)…


Eek! I mean, the running part felt great, but my feet felt pretty bad. Both blisters were now open and bleeding. By Thursday night (three days post-injury), my heels were unbearably itchy, wearing shoes was painful, and I suspected I was working on an infection in my right blister.

And so I changed my treatment methods. I broke out the REAL Band-Aids (technically store-brand), gooped ’em up with Neosporin (also store-brand), and I’ve kept the blisters covered. What a difference! Much as I hate the cost, the pain is gone, and my feet feel 1000% better!

I was very, very tempted to run on Friday. It’s probably a good thing that it rained on Friday and kept me and my injured feet at home! On Saturday afternoon, the weather looked overcast and iffy, but I couldn’t stay inside any longer. For this run, I pulled out my old (and now dry, after last week’s soaking) shoes:


Ahhh… comfy like an old friend.

I also used my Udderly Smooth udder cream around the blisters on my feet (in addition to tape, just for the run). Usually I just put it on the skin between my legs, sometimes on the underside of my arms, but this was the first time I’ve tried it on my feet. It was fantastic! Everything slid around on top of my skin, no additional chafing. Now I’m wondering if I should use it on my entire foot before these long runs!

Saturday was a GREAT day for a run! The temperature was just below 60 (Fahrenheit), overcast, light wind… could not have been better!

IMG_4170.JPGThis photo was at about 3.2 miles. I felt great, and I was really pleased that I’d made it so far. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve run this distance!

I wound up running about 6.4 miles in total. The sky threatened to rain the entire time I was out there, but it never did. Just me and my thoughts… pushing myself and getting a great pace! I managed to hold myself at just under 15:00 for the entire run.


By the way… you know summer’s here when the stores are selling Ocean Breeze- and Everlasting Sunshine-scented conditioner! (Yes, I’m a fan of Suave Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s both cheap and effective.)

As for the blisters? They’re still there, but improving. By this time next week, I expect they will be gone!