fighting illness, bubblegum on my shoes, yoga studio app

I’ve really been struggling to kick the final symptoms of pinkeye this week. My medicine took care of the worst of the eye symptoms – other than some mild discharge when I wake up in the morning, my eye is in good shape. Unfortunately I’ve had some accompanying cold-like symptoms, too, which have been bothersome. My nose is overactive, my throat is swollen and sore, my voice is raspy, my joints are sore, I have just a hint of a headache, and I have a really annoying cough! To be honest, it probably sounds worse than it really is. Though I have all those symptoms, all of the symptoms are also very mild, just bad enough to be annoying. The worst part of the day is when I wake up in the morning, and body just absolutely does not want to get out of bed!

On Monday of this week, I went for a run. It was pretty standard for me, about 3.6 miles, except that I still haven’t fixed the music issue so I ran without music! I know that there are many runners who run without music all the time, but for me, this was a BIG DEAL. It’s empowering. It felt like a huge breakthrough. Even more surprisingly, my pace was outstanding – 13:53/mile. Not my racing pace, but for an easy training run, that’s mind-blowing awesome.


On Tuesday, I did a 30-minute yoga routine with the Yoga Studio app. It wasn’t bad, though I can’t say I was blown away either. I selected a “beginner balance” routine, and was really disappointed by the lack of sun salutations and warrior poses. That may have just been the routine I chose, though.


Prior to Wednesday’s run, I dealt with a major nuisance that I’d discovered after my Monday run. Apparently I stepped in a reasonably fresh pile of gum. The stickiness of the gum attracted sand, stones, and grass, plus the clump of gum created an uncomfortable knot beneath my arch. I spent a good 30-45 minutes getting the gum off my (still reasonably new) shoes. If you’ve ever thrown a used piece of gum onto the shoulder of the road because you were too lazy to throw it in a trash can, I’m pretty sure I don’t like you.


Finally, I did for another run on Wednesday, also 3.6 miles, also without music. It wasn’t quite as much fun as Monday’s run, but I’m still pretty pleased with it. I’m really proud that I’ve gotten myself running at least a few miles without any music.

I didn’t do an “official” workout on Thursday. I helped a friend with her garden, though I honestly don’t feel like I worked that hard. Today (Friday), I also didn’t work out – again, I was helping a friend. I don’t feel bad at all, since I know I’m trying to kick whatever-this-sickness-is. Even with this illness, I’m feeling stronger than I ever have in my life. That’s pretty awesome.