treadmills, blogging

My August runs have largely consisted of miles on the treadmill:


I’m not a huge fan of treadmills in general (boring!), but when it’s as humid as it’s been here, they are sometimes a much better option. I will also admit that I’m better at tempo runs or generally pushing myself when I’m on a treadmill (as opposed to when I’m out on the roads).

It doesn’t help that my home treadmill is jammed into a corner of the basement, not the most relaxing area. The belt works fine but the display is broken, so I can’t look at the treadmill to determine my pace or distance, which is a psychological challenge for me. (I started using Nike+ on my phone to find those values, which is a fair substitute, but not perfect.)

But I’ve been getting down there and running, and I’m pleased with that. Something is better than nothing, and I’m really glad for every mile I put in.

One “perk” of the treadmill – you may notice my toes in the photo above. Running on the treadmill is basically the only time I allow myself to run barefoot. I’ve read Born to Run (great book), and I do agree with much of the science of barefoot running – that it uses different muscles and can be a valuable tool – but I’m not convinced enough to run barefoot on the streets. The treadmill is a perfect compromise.

I haven’t done a good job of updating this blog lately. It’s funny – the older I get, the more intensely private I become. I don’t want to quit blogging. This website chronicles one of the strangest and best transformations of my life. I’ll try to be around more, y’all. You mean a lot to me.